a deep reset, and a rebirth

curated retreat experiences – to slow down, reset, and be guided through deep transformation, ritual & ceremony, and initiations into true embodiment of yourself

take a moment to imagine…

• finally giving yourself time to fully unplug from technology
• attuning to a grounded embodied state
• feeling wonder in immersion with nature
• starting – or finishing – meaningful creative projects
• ritually releasing old parts of yourself and inviting in the new

how would it feel to…

• embark on a transformative journey carefully designed to help you slow down and reconnect with your inner self.

• allow yourself to be held, witnessed, and guided through profound moments of personal growth, receiving a nurturing space for self-discovery and healing.

• experience the power of a retreat container, offering you a sanctuary for transformation and initiation into new and empowering facets of your being.

• enter sacred space where you can pause, reflect, and emerge with a renewed sense of self, ready to embrace life’s journey with clarity, purpose, and a deeper connection to your truest desires.

i’ll be here as your guide

we live in a time of remembering the importance of initiations – how our ancestors relied on certain rites of passage to mark the phases of life.

but most of us are not being guided with initiatory holding or teachers to help us find our confidence and true vision.

in my life, this meant that i bumbled around, creating haphazard circumstance that forced me to transform. it was super messy… not at all like graceful rites of passage.

then i found guides to help hold space through the major changes in my life, and i felt so fortunate for their support of my initiations.

much of our culture sets up the expectation that we do it all alone – but we actually do not have to go through metamorphosis alone.

after all, the cocoon is connected to the branch, which is connected by roots into the earth! hardly any aloneness in that.

this is why i host select individuals for private immersions.

it is extremely powerful to be witnessed in a transformational moment – to be held in tenderness as we enter, simmer, and emerge from a cocoon.

there is nothing like having real eye contact and being seen in our newness.

and, it is deeply vulnerable to let someone hear who we are claiming to be and our intentions – but when we have another listening to our declarations it makes the change more tangible.

this is the place of returning home to ourselves.

will you join me?


welcome to your

curated intensives – to be held and guided through deep transformation, ritual & ceremony, and initiations into new parts of you

a guided container for deep healing & renewal

opening ritual

opening ritual

every retreat begins with a ritual to open the sacred space of the container. i will lead you through an invocation of the elements, directions, animal and ancestral guides, along with offerings made to the land to set your intentions.

deep dive

during the bulk of the retreat time, we dive deep. perhaps your deep dive is all about rest and renewal, or maybe i guide you in a ceremony for a specific type of healing. this is highly customized and curated to meet your goals.



a spacious integration period follows the main work, which may include time in nature, guided movement, or other embodiment activities that support you in anchoring the transformation you have called into your life.

closing ritual

in gratitude, we will close with a ritual similar to the opening, marking what has been shed while celebrating what has been received. i may also invite you to an additional offering of gratitude when you return home.

what’s included

half-day retreat
best for locals, you will be provided with the retreat, plus a local organic meal

full-day retreat
best for michigan residents – a full day includes the retreat, plus meals, snacks, and plenty of tea

multi-day retreat:
available for all – includes airport rides, meals, lodging, plus pre- and post- virtual sessions

throughout your retreat, receive…

• deep compassion for your wounded parts
• deep safety for you to find what you need for yourself
• deep listening and channeling (more than having an agenda)
• all healing modalities & shamanic tools
• connection with nature


choose your theme:

healing or renewal?


a healing-focused retreat may include:

• experiential shadow work
• exploration of the “god-wound”
• emotional release of anger, fear, and/or grief
• inner child guided process
• ancestral healing with family constellations
• rebalancing of masculine / feminine polarity
• cultivation of your unique spiritual foundation
• ceremony to foster connection with your Higher Power

a renewal-focused retreat may include:

• space to just be during a mindful nature hike
• relaxing personalized sound journey
• attunement to safety with embodiment tools
• guided meditation and introspection journaling
• teachings with fern & herbal medicine
• somatic and cyclical living methods
• a nurturing heart activation process
• vocal or creative channel opening
• a celebratory cacao ceremony

private retreat testimonials

final thoughts

if you feel the call to reconnect with your deepest self, and release any stuckness preventing you from moving through this next initiatory life moment, big change, or transition, i invite you to click the button below to connect with me directly.

express your intentions for this retreat, then we can meet on the discovery call. if it’s a fit, we will reserve your dates.

now is the time to close the chapter you’re in, and call forth self-love with a renewed vision.


connect with aria now, to reserve your retreat dates