elevate your leadership, your team, and your mission.

custom packages for conscious entrepreneurs and teams to improve leadership & culture, reduce patterns of stress & burnout, and increase your contribution in the world

starting now, you have a chance to…

• bring more grace and effectiveness to your leadership, to better serve the mission of your organization, your team, and your personal purpose.

• uncover the power of intuition in business – gaining clarity in your vision and aligning your endeavors with natural cycles for sustainable success.

• re-design your work-life balance, increase joy and productivity, and reduce burnout by implementing effective strategies for managing stress.

• cultivate improved mindfulness, boundaries, and communication, in order to improve teamwork, time management, and meeting goals.

• experience less fatigue and have more energy, by moving through unconscious patterns that once prevented flow, so you can contribute more meaningfully.

because you know there’s another way to do business…

leadership: start navigating the intricate maze of leadership challenges from centeredness and self-connection.

team culture: start nurturing teams to build a culture that inspires resilience, forward movement, and unity.

stress: start building habits and skills to effectively manage inevitable stress from work, home life, and the world.

progress: start releasing the unsustainable expectation for endless growth, while still reaching milestones.

personal patterns: start addressing inner patterns, (like urgency, frustration, self-doubt, and poor boundaries) that obstruct success and effectiveness.

i practice all of this

i have been a part of several organizations that were mission-driven but lacked mindfulness.

and i found this dissonant – how can we change the world if we continue to work in old wounded paradigms?

now i practice mission-driven entrepreneurship that honors my body, supports my mental wellbeing, and allows me the emotional and spiritual expression that i believe we each deserve.

this is one way i choose to change the world: by modeling new ways of working.

but this is very much a practice for me – because these are ideas that need time to take root and thrive.

i understand how easy it can be to fall back into old burnout habits and override our true visions.

but i have learned strategies that make it easier to stay the course and truly transform the culture of work.

i have the joy of working with conscious leaders, local business owners, nonprofit founders, other entrepreneurs, and start-ups who are committed to sustainability – not just for the Earth but for their org too.

my experience: for five years i coached upper management, engineers, sales and marketing team members for a San Francisco-based tech startup that has received accolades for it’s mindful culture

now, i am focused on partnering with those who are doing good work in the world, whether fair-trade, organic, b-corp, or other visionary orgs… i am here to help amplify what you are creating.

would you like to redefine work, together?


support for conscious entrepreneurs to improve leadership and their teams, reduce stress & burnout, and increase results for people and planet.


my conscious business containers include these core elements:

your custom plan

the complexity of different organizational types and phases means that a fully-customized plan is created to help meet your unique goals. we will meet to develop this and ensure i have the very best skills to support you before i propose steps forward.

founder sessions

it may be useful to have a series of founder and/or upper management leadership coaching sessions to help further clarify how to implement cultural changes, identify what the strengths and growth edges are, and determine what additional tools can be useful.

sessions for your team

and/or, there may be a need for individual or group sessions for the wider org to implement these changes into the culture. this can help speed up the process of change and shift attitudes in the direction of respect and clean communication.

evaluation checkpoints

as the container comes to a close, i will gather feedback to determine how the work was effective, and whether there are any new goals your organization has. we may choose to let the cultural ripple integrate with spaciousness, or continue working together around a new theme.

you’ll receive:

• practical inspiration for intuitive business leadership
• methods in clean communication for challenging topics
• practices to honor the seasons and cycles of your org
• skills for better stress management, emotional intelligence, and mindfulness
• exploration of masculine and feminine energetics in the manifestation process

your team can receive:

• the very popular employee benefit of coaching sessions
• support in their growth and leadership development
• tools for transforming anxiety, frustration, and fears into mindful awareness
• more creativity by working with the inner critic voice differently
• support in improving work / life balance, for increased energy levels and productivity

aria uniquely weaves together these modalities…

– body-based mindfulness practices
– heartmath institute tools for coherence
– systemic and organizational constellations
– nervous system awareness to expand capacity
– celtic directional wheel and cyclical living

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take the next step in your heart-centered business

step into a new level of leadership for your business mission, personal purpose, and team culture.
uncover the untapped potential of intuition in business, finding sustainable power in honoring the natural cycles.
transform stress and burnout into boundless energy by working through old patterns.
the evolution of your conscious business starts here.


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