about aria

hi there! i’m aria –

i offer facilitation, healing, and coaching to folks on their journeys of personal transformation and spiritual awakening, including conscious leaders and entrepreneurs with ethical values at the forefront of their work

thanks to many challenging life initiations, here’s how i got here…

• at age four i nearly died from fourth-degree burns when a stove exploded; add in a dose of chronic stress from family conflict and poverty, and parts of me took on the belief that the world was a pretty unfair and unsafe place
• i found some solace in my tiny midwest community by attending an evangelical christian church, but as a young woman i became disillusioned with this religion’s negation of women’s expression
• then, with an atheistic orientation and tons of suppressed trauma, i became an impassioned activist, grieving and angry at the injustices of the world – during this chapter i trauma-bonded with a couple addicts in relationships, which further fueled my victim mindset
• eventually i burned out and recognized i was not aligned with my unique role here and now – i needed a different strategy for my whole life!
• my heartache brought me into deep study of meditation, healing modalities, ceremonial plant medicine work, and ultimately a reunion with Spirit, including the sacred feminine and lineages that anchor my spiritual roots – leading to a fulfilling life that is vividly aligned with who i now know myself to be
• from this alignment, i support others in living their truth through classes & courses, coaching containers & retreats, and custom services for founders & companies

with gratitude, i give credit and appreciation to the many teachers and lineages my work has been influenced by, including:

• therapy and coaching in somatic experiencing tools
• ceremonial arts and ritual from an animistic orientation
• esoteric fern medicine and teachings from the hawaiian mū tradition
• mentorship in the sacred union path teachings through sophia and logos
• sacred connection with ascended masters and angels in the rose lineage and • christ consciousness stream, including mary magdalene, mother mary, yeshua, and egyptian mystery schools
• afro-brazilian umbandaime ceremonies with the orishas of the west african yoruba tradition
• ritual in the celtic lineage with gods, goddesses, the fae, and elementals
• studies in indigenous north and south american shamanism
• practices with vajrayana meditation, tibetan buddhist philosophy, and hindu deities
• ateachings from animal totems, trees, and my own ancestral guides

    Professional Trainings:

    Innate Traditions – Physiologic Baby Care (2024)
    Ceremonial Entheogen Facilitation Training (2019-2023)
    Mystical and Healing Arts Training, Levels 1 and 2 (2020-2022)
    International School of Temple Arts, Level 1 (2022)
    The Sovereign’s Way – Law for Mankind (2021)
    Daughters of the Faerie Tree – Medicine Initiation (2020-2021)
    Certified Integrative Transformational Coach (2018)
    HeartMath® Certified Coach (2018)
    Dharma Ocean Somatic Meditation Trainings – Levels 1-3 (2017-2019)
    Advanced Facilitator Shadow Work® Training (2017)
    Systemic Family Constellations – Seeing with Your Heart Training (2014-2015)
    Basic Facilitator Shadow Work® Training (2013)
    Priestess Path Women’s Apprenticeship (2012)
    Sociology, Peace and Social Justice studies at University of Michigan (2006-2009)

    Professional Bio:

    Aria is an expert in catalyzing change through healing, ceremony, and spiritual coaching. She gets to the root of blocks, so that joy, mindfulness, and spiritual connection can grow. Her clients include founders, speakers, scientists, creatives, and folks from all walks of life, who believe together we can create a world where all life is honored.

    how can i support you?

    awaken: healing & coaching
    long term, high touch container with aria – to deepen self love, heal “god wound” and other traumas, anchor spiritual practices, and have more authentic connection to self

    coaching for conscious business
    custom packages for conscious entrepreneurs and teams to improve leadership & culture, reduce patterns of stress & burnout, and increase your contribution in the world

    solo & group immersions
    curated retreat experiences – to slow down, reset, and be guided through deep transformation, ritual & ceremony, and initiations into true embodiment of yourself