My Vision is a World where all Life is Honored. 

But I wasn’t always living a life aligned with my Soul’s Deepest Mission.

It took a series of Initiations for me to choose to Embody My Truth. Today, I’d like to let you in on three of these Initiations…

Initiation 1: The Fire

At age 4, I nearly died from burns I received when a camper exploded. 

My back and legs have scars from 4th degree burns. Through immense pain, many surgeries, and big emotions, I have been on a lifelong journey of learning what it means to heal from physical trauma. 

As a young child, I received the gifts of this initiation: dissolving any fear of death… and knowing that I lived for a reason, (so everyone must be living for a reason, too!).

I set out to find that reason. 

Initiation 2: Patriarchal Religious Programming

Growing up, I readily connected to Spirit. 

Worship music and the idea of miracles were welcome contrasts to the turmoil in my divorced family life – which included constant stress and conflict about money.

But I began to question some of the messages I was receiving about God, specifically those that were judgemental and condemning of women’s expression and power. I didn’t see myself as any less than a man, and I no longer connected to a God who only had male attributes and was super judgemental.

Leaving the church and my identity, I received the gift of this initiation nearly a decade later: learning that my personal connection to The Divine is Holy, and to Trust whatever form my Spiritual Authority takes. 

Initiation 3: Burnout Activism and Loving an Addict

Entering young adulthood, I began to find greater meaning through my contributions to the world and embracing the biodynamic farm upbringing I was blessed to have. I could see humanity’s potential, and studied Sociology with a minor in Peace & Social Justice at the University of Michigan.

Soon I was one of the most visible student activists on campus, advocating for worker’s rights, fair trade, racial equality, environmentalism – you name it. I fell in love with the intersectionality of issues, and I was fired up about all of them. (Still am!)

During this time, I teetered on the edge of burnout. 

My heart was filled with anger – why didn’t more people care? No matter how hard I worked, nothing seemed to create the type of impact I knew was needed. 

I was missing something… but I had no idea what it was. 

It took a partnership with an addict to begin the process of unblocking my heart. During some of the darkest days of my life, I began meditating. 

I discovered that it felt like there were dense brick walls all around my Heart. 

Slowly, I breathed – and often sobbed – through the softening and release of each brick. 

My Heart awoke, vibrant and free to express it’s love again. 

This was the catalyst of my healing journey, and I received the gift of this initiation: true transformation of the world begins right here, with learning to love, honor, and wonder at the Preciousness of My Heart.

My Vision is a World where all Life is Honored. 

I believe it’s possible for the world to have more joy, freedom, equality, nurturing, exploration, creativity, awe… and on! 

I believe in a world where children are safe and have the resources to thrive. 

I believe in a world where people trust each other, knowing they will be honored.

And where that honoring extends to all life – to the animals, plants, fungi, elements, and beyond.

I envision communities in harmony with the cycles and rhythms of nature. 

I envision free energy and new technologies that empower life. 

I envision a world where your heart is free to express its deepest truths. That your heart’s truth will meet with my heart, and know that we are beating the same love through us – and that we, and everything, is that love!

My strategy toward this Vision?

My mission is to connect Conscious Leaders to their hearts, magic, and joy. 

Inner transformation affects our outer reality. 

Because it’s only by falling in love with our own hearts, that we can truly ripple that love into the world. 

It’s only by believing the “impossible” magic of existence, that we can manifest the wildest visions our hearts hold.

It’s only by remembering how to hold the vibration of joy in our being, that we can create the relationships, communities, and societies where true joy is free to be expressed.

This is the Truth that I choose to Embody.

Will you join me?

With gratitude to these energetic lineages and the numerous teachers, authors, and mentors I have had this past decade, I give credit to all my work is informed by: 

  • Systemic Constellations for Ancestral Healing
  • Jungian Archetypal Psychology and Shadow Work
  • Indigenous American, West African, & Amazonian Shamanism
  • Vajrayana Meditation and Tibetan Buddhist Philosophy
  • Ceremonial Arts and Ritual
  • HeartMath Research and Training
  • Transformational Coaching Tools
  • Energetic and Somatic Healing Modalities


Professional Bio: 

Aria is an expert in transforming the lives of Conscious Leaders through Spiritually Integrated Coaching. She gets to the root of blocks, so that one’s deepest life purpose can be experienced with serendipity and flow. Her clients include founders, authors, TED speakers, scientists, and creatives who believe together we can create a world where all life is honored.