heal deeply.

long term, high touch container with aria – to deepen self love, heal “god wound” and other traumas, anchor spiritual practices, and have more authentic connection to self

are you being honest with yourself about who you are and why you are here?

let’s face it – it’s so easy to deceive ourselves at times

one major deception is that of separation, of being alone on this journey of life – rather than intimately connected through Spirit to All

many are here to uplift Earth and help mankind’s consciousness evolve, yet there are limiting beliefs, unresolved wounds, and a false story of disconnection that can disrupt one’s true potential in accessing an authentic, joyful, & collaborative life

i would know…

i lived with the pain of being disconnected from my self and my soul’s truth for many years.

during this period i struggled with depression, attempted to meet the expectations of others, and denied my deeper knowings.

it was self-deception at it’s finest.

when i realized i could heal and transform my life to something aligned, i was struck by the layers of gunk around the concept of “a Higher Power.”

my experience of “god” had been so distorted that i avoided this work for a long time – it was just too hard to face my god-wound.

…but it was even harder to pretend to live in a vacuum of disconnection from the rest of life!

because my truth is that i love to sing to the water, and hug trees, and thank the stars for shining – this is my worship, and these are my kin.

now, i practice a path of spiritual sovereignty.

many mentors have helped me anchor my spiritual foundation, and i find it invaluable to be held in my deepest self exploration.

this is why i created the “awaken” container – it’s a place to learn to trust yourself, acknowledge what is authentic, and learn what you need and want while being curiously guided.

it is a longer container because that allows for the layers to be gently peeled back, going deep – but in a digestible way.

it is my honor to see greater alignment in someone’s life over time!
are you ready to awaken?

this is…

high touch program to deepen self love & spiritual practices, heal traumas, improve relationships and fully upgrade your life.


your journey is always held with care



We find out if we are a fit to work together. Simply click the button to schedule a Discovery Call by filling in the brief application and selecting a time to meet.
During the call, I am curious to learn about your intentions and challenges, and assess whether my style and offerings are a good match for your goals.

container opens

If we decide to move forward, we will have a clear agreement about your package and any special options you add-on.
Our container opens with the first session, 90 minutes in length, and we will meet at a regular rhythm for several months, with voice-memo support in between.

the journey

the journey

The territory we cover inside of the journey is up to you – but I will track to be sure we are staying on course with your original intentions.
Often clients experience a combination of healing, embodiment tools, and coaching, with “opportunities for play” along the way.

container closes

At our agreed-upon close, I will invite you to reflect upon and celebrate your progress, noticing where you have transformed.
Some clients need a period of integration at this time, while others are eager to extend the journey with updated goals in a fresh container.

what’s included

  • spiritually-integrated leadership coaching to support your contribution in the world
  • embodiment tools through a scientific understanding of the nervous system
  • assessment of your “god wound” through a spiritual timeline activity
  • guided healing journeys for: inner child, ancestors, and/or shadow work
  • exploration of spiritual practices, including mindfulness, prayer, and ritual
  • development of spiritual gifts, such as intuition, channeling, and time bending
  • practicing divine union through awareness of masculine and feminine energetics

    … and depending on your intentions, so much more!

uniquely accessed through this container

> receive regular, consistent support in a high touch container

> engage with a depth of sessions through having someone who truly cares

> address day-to-day thoughts in conversations over voice memos

> watch progress through exploring “opportunities for play” between sessions

> celebrate “aha!” moments and pattern shifts over our months/years of working together

coaching testimonials

welcome to the space for your deepest growth and healing.

i have stood on the precipice of doing deep mentorship work many times, so i know the nervous excitement you are feeling if this offer calls to your core…

so many questions can arise:
do i have the time and money?
what if the changes i make are painful?
am i truly capable of the depth of growth i long for?

while i cannot answer your unique questions, i look forward to joining you on the discovery call to see what your own answers are.
because the truth is, you already contain all you need! and what you have to contribute to the world – we are ready for you.


begin your awaken journey today.