spring edition

a retreat space to explore your unique connection with Spirit

spring edition

a retreat space to explore your unique connection with Spirit

experience the sacred in your body.

“Embodied Devotion” is a journey of bringing the body into connection with The Sacred, whatever that means to you.
Your spiritual sovereignty is honored while we explore spiritual practice & lineage that includes your animal body.

Our themes are healing, devotion, community, and curiosity.

quick logistics

when: 3pm on Thursday, April 18th through 12pm on Sunday, April 21st 2024

where: Boyne City, Michigan @ The Croft Residency, (5725 West Road, Boyne City, MI 49712), a 20-acre nature-based artist residency that overlooks Lake Charlevoix

donation based: you decide, suggested sliding scale of $333 to $888

what to expect:

  •     shared space of ritual, ceremony, & healing
  •     a culture of generosity with self, others, & nature
  •     celebration of the sacred

why we gather

Many of us long for co-created spaces of spiritual devotion – places where our authentic connection with Source has room to blossom. We may have inherited generations of disconnection, but now we are ready to rise in circle together in the truth of our bones once more.

Yes, most of our roots were severed from the great tree of spiritual lineages that pulses with Life. We know well the horrors of colonialism, wounded patriarchal systems, the witch hunts, the suppression of the Sacred Feminine, disembodiment, sexual trespass, war culture, and on.

All this pain contributes to a deep longing for emotional intimacy, which often expresses in shadow as numbing, distracting, pain-deepening behaviors of addiction.

There is a need for healing our roots of connection with The All.

The Embodied Devotion Retreat is a space to remember ritual, rites of passage, and community trauma healing that our bright and well ancestors knew long ago. It is a place to remember how it feels to be together with others who seek a devotion to Life.

As we allow these communal movements to settle the imbalances of our nervous systems, we can then experience the intimacy we long for with ourselves, with the world, and with the cosmic dimensions.

This spring, join for this vision: for beauty, for honor, for connection, for truth.

I can’t wait to be with you at Embodied Devotion.

join us for

simply express your interest by replying to this short form



(this is an approximate overview, real times may vary)


3pm – Arrival

5pm – Dinner

7pm – Opening Circle

9pm – Quiet Time

friday & saturday

7am – Morning Practice

8:30am – Breakfast

10am – Playshop 1

11:30 – Unstructured Time

1pm – Lunch

3pm – Playshop 2

4:30pm – Unstructured Time

6pm – Dinner

7pm – Evening Activity


9am – Breakfast

10am – Closing Circle

12pm – Goodbyes and Departure

2pm – Latest Departure Time

your retreat includes:

  • a Grandfather fire ritual for emotional release of anger, grief, and fear
  • a cacao “Sophia Circle” ceremony with the Divine Feminine
  • tools to heal your nervous system & experience embodiment
  • guided meditations, movement, and creative channel work
  • exploration of your “god wound” & calling in your heart’s truth
  • celebration and play with the beauty of Life
  • unstructured time to be in reciprocation with nature and community
  • organized potluck-style meals to nourish each other 
  • add-on option: bodywork and / or tuning fork sound healing

 … and more as intuitively guided!

this is for you if…

• you are curious to understand more about who you are & why you are here
• you would like to experiment with devotional practices to see what’s aligned
• a shamanic and animistic lens is resonant with your spiritual orientation
• you enjoy the “growth edges” inherent in group experiences
• you want to celebrate the divinity of your holy body, the body of Earth, & all other living things

Your retreat is facilitated by:


aria everts

Aria Everts is an expert in catalyzing change through healing, ceremony, and spiritual coaching. She gets to the root of blocks, so that joy, mindfulness, and spiritual connection can grow. Her clients include founders, speakers, scientists, creatives, and folks from all walks of life, who believe together we can create a world where all life is honored. Learn more at www.ariamae.com.

Tuning Fork Biofield Healing* is available during breaks with:

Courtney Miller

Courtney Miller is a full blooded Anishnabe Water protector and Medicine person. Her journey as a Wisdom Keeper (Turtle Clan) and Spirit-guide began as a child, and has developed to include medicine songs, ceremonies, massage, personal training, and healing with cannabis. She offers Biofield Tuning, a specialized modality that pin-points and dissolves the root of pain and disease, using harmonics of tuning forks.

Bodywork* is available during breaks with:

Benjamin Cheney

Benjamin Cheney is a performer and designer from Northern Michigan. He is the founder and Artistic Director of The Croft Residency, a dance residency in Horton Bay, MI. His personal movement practice centers on moving meditation, with a focus on somatic, intentional, and metaphoric improvisational movement. Ben completed Willoway and TC Studio Pro’s massage training program. He has taken John Barnes’ Myofascial Release 1, 2, and Unwinding.

*Suggested additional donation for Biofield and Bodywork is $50 per half-hour session.




How does the sliding scale payment work?

The suggested donation is anything between $333 and $888, but it can be more or less. Please tune in with your higher self and Spirit to find the amount that feels like a real commitment, but will not put you into financial hardship.

How many people will be there?

The group will have a maximum of 10 participants, plus helpers.

What are the accommodations like?

We will stay in a large home with several shared bedroom spaces, three bathrooms, and a shared kitchen. If you have any special needs related to sleeping arrangements, please communicate them in the application survey. Camping is also available if you prefer.

I'm busy - do I have to attend for the entire time?

Yes, you are invited to slow down and receive the full three days of the retreat by prioritizing your intention for attending and creating space for the retreat.

What's your technology policy?

You are encouraged to be totally offline during the retreat, so please make arrangements with loved ones and work as needed. If you absolutely need to check your messages, you can use the time during breaks. If you’d like Aria to hold your phone in a safe place, simply turn it off and hand it over at the beginning of the retreat, and she will return it when we are complete. 

Additional Questions? Simply email Aria at aria@ariamae.com

does this sound like what you’ve been waiting for?