Amanda Johnson
Book Doula & Co-Creator of Awaken Village Press

When I met Aria, I was in a space of deeply desiring to expand into more of who I am and offering my gifts to the world in a bigger way while at the same time hesitant and fearful of doing just that. I immediately felt she was someone who could support me in being able to hold all that I was calling in—and she has done just that.

Working with Aria has allowed me to regulate my nervous system in order to feel and handle all that moves through me through this great expansion. As I have done this, my channel to receive has opened wider and wider and become clearer and clearer. Aria is a tremendous space-holder, coach, guide, and SO connected and tuned in to such a vast amount of tools and gifts that support me on each and every level. If you are in a space of growth or expansion and feeling any fear around what's next or if you can handle it, I highly recommend working with Aria.