Welcome to Sovereign mind +
Sovereign Heart.

A self-guided mini-course with video activations, meditations, & tools for exploring your power and truth.

For those just starting out in their exploration of Sovereign Embodiment: stop subscribing to myths & awaken to your own wisdom.

Do you ever stop and notice your thoughts about yourself are not so kind?

Perhaps you judge your shortcomings, question your decisions, or you have
stories about how slow, annoying, ignorant, or unworthy you are.
Or maybe you feel confused, unsupported, like a victim to your life,
what you’ve experienced, and what the world is going through.
Do you ever feel like the flow of love in your life has dried up,
and you’re not sure how to turn it back on? 


Both the Mind and the Heart can experience a shortage of Sovereignty. 

When this happens, the above experiences start becoming more frequent – or it might just seem normal.

If this is happening, know that you are not alone.
Many of my clients have the intention of stepping into greater Sovereignty
in their life because they face similar challenges.

My name is Aria.

I have taken the most common tools I use with my private clients and distilled the key technologies so that you can learn and explore them in your life.

It’s simple:
one short teaching lesson for the mind,
one for the heart, and then
guided visualizations for each.
You’ll wrap up with reflections on how you want to
bring this into the rest of your life.

Sovereignty is a powerful path into more
alignment, connection, purpose, and grace.

With it, you can manifest your wildest visions. Seriously! 

 Without it, you can stay stuck in old patterns that prevent you from loving yourself or others,
doing what you came here to do, or trusting your inner guidance. 

Don’t get stuck in old stories that aren’t even true.
The world needs you embodied in your Sovereign power!

In the Sovereign Mind + Sovereign Heart
experience, you will receive: 

  • 2 Video Activations – one for your mind, one for your heart
  • 2 Meditations – one for your mind, one for your heart
  • A space to reflect on how these tools can uplift your life
  • A playlist with tunes that inspire Sovereignty

Aria is like a clear mirror, there to fully and consciously understand you while helping you to self-reflect to see what is best for your journey and your heart. Aria helped me to accelerate my personal growth through activating and expanding new possibilities in my personal and professional life.

Kamran Rahmani
Kamran Rahmani
Engineering Leadership, Asana

I have become a better me, a more compassionate and patient me.  Aria helped me to understand both the world and myself in a better way, bringing me to that space where both magic and memory recovered a part of me once lost. I am forever grateful for that.

Melissa Z
Melissa Z

I had a very moving and inspiring experience with Aria, and this work which is so missing, what is wanted and needed in our world today.

Santa Barbara

Aria helped me clear out limiting beliefs and doubts impeding my next step. She masterfully helped me to get clarity on where to put my focus next. I have done one-on-one session as well as participated in her group work and she always delivers a high-quality experience.

Karin Green 2
Karin Green
Shadow Work Facilitator

I’ll take you step-by-step through the

process to a new way of living your life. 

It’s simpler than you think to start embodying your Sovereignty.


  1. Learn the best tool to cultivate more Sovereignty in your mind – so your thoughts are supportive and true. 
  2. Explore the Heart Activation technology for turning on greater Sovereignty for your heart in your day-to-day life.
  3. Integrate all you’ve learned by choosing how you want to embody your Sovereignty as you move into the future.

What would happen if you claimed your power,
stood in your truth, and activated
your inner equilibrium?

Your clear and grounded presence is needed now
more than ever before in our lifetimes.

You are invited on a journey of experimentation.

You are invited to let your mind imagine the world you know you are here to help create.

You are invited to remember that you do not need to be at the whim of outside myths and influences, including old victim stories, false programming, and lies about your worthiness.

You are invited to honor the awesome vision your heart holds, and allow yourself to receive it. 

All you envision is sacred. 

All you envision is already here.

Now is the time to embody your Sovereignty. 

Aria has transformed the lives of clients at:

Invest in your Sovereign Embodiment today

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You are worthy of a new way forward. Embrace a new path that is aligned with your Truth!