Private Retreats

Come away to the forest

You are invited to enjoy a private retreat at our sanctuary.

Aria and Eric provide individuals and couples with relaxation and spaciousness in pristine Northern Michigan. 

Whether you’re looking for a transformative initiation or just some space to slow down and relax in an intentionally cultivated retreat, we look forward to supporting your intentions.

Feeling called to explore your spirituality and not sure where to begin? 

Do you already have a rich spiritual life, but wish you had space to connect more deeply? 

Are you somewhere in between and looking for more knowledge and tools? 

Wherever you are on your journey, we are here for you.

Retreat Information


Custom retreat packages are tailored to help you get the most out of your specific intentions. You’ll have access to our support and guidance, as well as that of our sacred home, gardens, and the surrounding wilderness. We practice absolute Spiritual Sovereignty, meaning we’ll never assert any dogma or push any spiritual beliefs on you. Your exploration is yours. We are here to support.

During your stay, we serve as guides as you deepen your own connection to Spirit/God/Source/Nature/the Universe/Divine Intelligence/Creator/the raw, unfeeling, and random chaos of existence/Your Own Inner Wisdom/or however you connect to Your Life. 

What the experience looks like will be different for everyone. Read on for some possibilities…

What a Retreat can Include

We will tune-in to your intentions to custom curate your experience.

Your retreat may include: one-on-one coaching sessions, personalized rituals/ceremonies, time creating and/or enjoying sacred space, delicious and vibrant local, organic meals, intentional time in nature, steam sauna, gardening, lounging in a hammock in the forest, guided or private meditation, sound baths, energy healing sessions, open discussion, and more!


Why you would choose a Retreat: 

  • You’re in the midst of a difficult or transformative life event or decision, and seek further guidance. 
  • You’re feeling overwhelmed and need a break to reconnect with yourself and reset. 
  • You wish you knew more about spirituality but just don’t know where to start. 
  • You’re a conscious business or community leader and seek tools to better serve the World with alignment and integrity. 
  • You have a creative project that you have been putting off or are feeling stuck with and need inspiration or space to bring it to fruition. 
  • You’re looking to deepen your connection to Your Higher Power, or learn some new spiritual practices to serve your everyday life. 
  • You want to have a sacred, unique, and life-changing experience!  


Aria and Eric facilitate mindful, healing transformation. Their tranquil home allows clients to shed, expand and shine, or just be. With Aria and Eric’s gentle guidance, you can connect with your deepest inner truth.

Whatever your reasons for coming on Retreat,
we believe that
healing and wisdom can be found at the
nexus of nature and your inner guidance


 Our retreats will help you find your purpose, center, and alignment in ways that you can translate back into your everyday life. You will be amazed by the positive change that can result from intentional time in cultivated, sacred space. 

Investment: Retreats are all-inclusive, 5 nights and 4 days, starting at $5,000. Come as a couple for $6,000.

We also have 1-day retreats for $1,500. Couples for $2,000.

If you are feeling really called to come on retreat and you need help anchoring more financial abundance in your life, ask about our scholarships and payment plans for those that are a great fit for this work.

We look forward to hearing from you to discuss your own, custom retreat!