Hi friends! I’m playing with a new medium: videos!!

In a world with tons of stimulation, content, and so much to consume, it feels a bit strange to be making yet another thing people can watch. But, as I challenge you in the first one… spend more time outside, connecting with nature!!

In fact, maybe you shouldn’t even watch these!

Instead, just go right outdoors 🙂

But without further adieu, (if you are in a computer mood), some of my thoughts, in video form:

Here’s another reflection, inspired by my newly adopted pup.

Leon is my new teacher, and wow are we learning a lot together! But everyone comes with baggage from trauma- myself and you included- not just rescue animals! So, how can we learn to use love as a catalyst for change?

Photo credit: Aria Everts – the beach where I first embarked in video creation, overlooking gorgeous Lake Charlevoix, Michigan.