Heart Surgery Special

When is the last time you focused on your heart? Perhaps you have a daily practice that brings your awareness to your heart, or maybe you avoid feeling your heart because of the sensations or emotions that arise there.

Whatever your relationship is with your physical heart, the fact is that there are neurons in your heart. It also has a very strong electromagnetic field, and scientific studies are shining light on the heart’s true power and potential.

Getting to know your heart can:

  • Strengthen your connection to others and yourself
  • Nourish your life mission and vision
  • Amplify your experience of joy and wonder

Aria not only understands what’s going on in your life, and reflects it back with the right words – she gives you lightbulb moments. It’s amazing when someone gets you, and that in itself relieves you of so many negative thoughts.

Schedule SessionWhat IS a “Heart Surgery” session?

We will meet over the phone for one hour, and this time will be focused on your intention – which I can help you determine at the beginning.

The Heart Surgery itself is a super customized guided meditation-like experience, which you may be asked questions or experience memories, feelings, or sensations in your body. Being curious and playful is important, and I’ll guide you through the entire way!

Be sure you have privacy and comfort, and nothing intense planned afterward, (I recommend a hour after of free time to journal, take a walk, or nap).

My progress has been substantial. I followed my intuitive state all of yesterday Рflowing with life with ease. Through this process I have developed powerful new ways of being.

A Heart Surgery is for you if:

  • You wonder where all the fun and enjoyment has gone in life
  • You feel burned out or under supported on your projects
  • Your heart has been broken, and could use some help mending

Or, if:

  • You want to strengthen your resiliency as you create your visions
  • You desire expanded awakening, codes, and activation for your heart
  • You love your open heart, and want to play with new (ancient) technologies

With precision and integrity, I am honored to have completed over one hundred Heart Surgeries. Will your heart be next? This special offer invites you to take 33% off your Heart Surgery session.

Regular Price: $366

Receive Your Heart Surgery for: $244

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Aria knows her method and knows how to take you to the next level, while also focusing on you being empathetic to yourself. The kindest of hearts.