At this moment, candy is being sold in mass quantities, while homes don orange strands of lights and skeletons. Even adults are sorting out how to make their costumes the right mix of sexy and cute, or macho and cool.

What bizarre traditions we keep!

But with all the goofy decorations and other ways our culture acts, have you noticed how present animals are?

Black cats, spiders, and bats are all representations of the season. However you feel about this spooky stuff, there is a hidden truth to their presence… The obvious thing about this to me is what a great time it is to connect with animals!

So I’ve made a recording of an easy meditation you can join. It’s a way to go deeper with your connections with animals- whether they are pets who have passed over, or power animals you connect with. Scroll to see it!

Around Halloween and Samhain is a particularly easy time to engage with this meditation. But, really, any time of year it will work too. It’s just a bit more vivid right now.

All you need is your heart, closed eyes, and a bit of inward reflection. That’s how simple animal communication is!

So, here’s my offer at a “boo!” Enjoy 😀

Photo credit: Aria Everts – having too much fun with the beauty of fall in my back yard.