Aria Mae Leadership Coaching

is a long-term, high touch partnership, with the innovative
support you need to create
your visions in the world with
greatest joy, alignment, and prosperity.

You have come here for a reason. 

It’s time to Embody Your Truth

It’s heartbreaking, witnessing the world’s fear, social injustices, and destruction of the environment.

Today, it is more important than ever for you to step in confidently and Own Your Mission.

You are ready to stop trying to force

your most Sacred Visions into existence,

and instead, receive them.

When you tune into the pain of the human collective, you know that a shift in consciousness is needed. 

Deep down, you are aware that shift begins with you.
In how fully you receive each breath.
In how kindly you speak to yourself.
In the ways you commit again and again to imagining the “impossible.” 

Whether you have chosen to be part of a corporation or nonprofit, or play the game of entrepreneurship…

you are ready to create bigger ripples. 

But sometimes,

a little voice inside holds you back.

Or an old pattern sneaks in to block you.

You are likely familiar with these parts of yourself.

Perhaps you have been on a therapeutic or healing journey for a long time,

but sometimes, the challenges of the world may just seem like too much. 

“Can I really do all I came here to do?”

a part of your subconsciousness may doubt. 

I get it.

I know how intense it can feel to hold a knowing that virtually everything needs to shift.

But I believe in you, and I believe in us as a community – to shine. 

I know we can Remember. (We already are!)

If you are ready to Remember how to fully Embody Your Truth, I’m here.

A coach who cares as much about your mission as you do 

Aria Mae

Aria is an expert in transforming the lives and livelihoods of compassionate leaders. She gets to the root of blocks, so that one’s deepest life purpose can be experienced with serendipity and flow. Her clients include founders, authors, TED speakers, scientists, and creatives who believe together we can create a world where all life is honored.

I support visionary leaders through private

coaching, grounded in mindfulness & joy

so that together we can co-create

a sustainable & conscious world.

This journey is for:

1. Committed and compassionate leaders

2. Those who desire to expand their gifts and capacity

so that their mission here has the fullest impact possible.

3. Those with the courage to invest in bringing their life’s work to the next level.

4. Leaders curious about spirituality and deepening practices to sustain their growth.

During our private sessions, I will guide you in

  • Being resilient and deeply listening during times of great change
  • Opening to prosperity consciousness through alignment with your soul’s work
  • Stepping into flow states so you can passionately expand your gifts
  • Growing a company culture you are proud of – whether you are looking to retain talent or have a sustainable lifestyle as a one-person startup
  • Implementing tools and techniques on the cutting edge of leadership development

What is High Touch Coaching? 

It is thrilling to see the results my one-on-one clients and I create together.

Over and over I am in awe of how much goodness ripples in the world when we team up. 

The High Touch Coaching container is what makes this possible. 

We work together in weekly sessions for a minimum of six months, moving between healing and coaching.

I only work with a handful of clients in this way at a time,

so you receive my priority attention for whatever is moving for you. 

The time and financial investment for this container reflects the invaluable transformations that occur.

Short story: this is for those truly committed to changing the world through changing themselves. 

If you are called to begin an initiation for your legacy, let’s talk. 

Aria has transformed the lives of clients at:

When I met Aria, I was in a space of deeply desiring to expand into more of who I am and offering my gifts to the world in a bigger way while at the same time hesitant and fearful of doing just that. I immediately felt she was someone who could support me in being able to hold all that I was calling in—and she has done just that.

Working with Aria has allowed me to regulate my nervous system in order to feel and handle all that moves through me through this great expansion. As I have done this, my channel to receive has opened wider and wider and become clearer and clearer. Aria is a tremendous space-holder, coach, guide, and SO connected and tuned in to such a vast amount of tools and gifts that support me on each and every level. If you are in a space of growth or expansion and feeling any fear around what’s next or if you can handle it, I highly recommend working with Aria.

Amanda Johnson
Amanda Johnson
Book Doula & Co-Creator of Awaken Village Press

On retreat with Aria I have felt both gently held and free to listen to what wanted to unfold. She always offered options and was precisely attuned to my energy in the spirit of supporting what was in service to healing, restoration, and integration. Aria is truly a worldclass retreat guide: self possessed, well-resourced, spiritually embodied, tuned in, and a clear channel.

Elizabeth Wolff
Elizabeth Wolff
Politicized Somatic Practitioner

Aria is everything you want in a coach and healer: attentive, empathic, insightful, responsive, sensitive, and creative. I am constantly amazed by the breakthroughs I make in our sessions.

She incorporates a broad range of coaching techniques and has strong intuition for which tools are right for each unique situation. We’ve cleared blockages, identified blindspots, and clarified my deepest desires.

Her guidance is powerful yet not prescriptive; I always arrive at my own truth which unlocks enduring transformation. I highly recommend Aria for anyone looking for support as they manifest their highest selves.

Lara Jeremko
Lara Jeremko
Thought Leader & VC Investor

I spent a magical 5 days in Aria’s beautiful and peaceful home. This was my first experience with any type of coaching and not only was I physically out of my comfort zone, but also emotionally. I had the opportunity to deep dive into this experience with my husband. We did a lot of individual discovery and work as a couple and we walked away from this intensive with more clarity, perspective, understanding, balance, gratitude and joy. Through all the work we did we have created a new reality and clear vision for our future. There is so much more to discover and learn, but I already feel a greater connection to myself and the people in my life. I have the tools for a truly happy life with a deep trust in the success of my entrepreneurial career. Everything feels a bit more grounded.

Mission-Centered Entrepreneur

I was in search of a coach who would help me define my life’s mission and use my gifts in connection with a meaningful career path. Aria’s unique approach of learning to harness hidden superpowers intrigued me, and I can confidently say working with her was the best decision I could have made. 

Aria empowered me to shape loose ideas into a bold vision of my future. Aria is one of the most incredibly kind souls I have met, and my work with her has been nothing short of transformative. I would highly recommend Aria to anyone seeking a deeper connection in their lives/careers, even if you’re not entirely sure what that looks like yet.

Natalie F
Natalie F
Silicon Valley Account Executive


In-person weekend retreats or one-day intensives
are also available with Aria for her High Touch clients.

Healing, nature, rest, ceremony, and business or
leadership development can be part of these individually curated experiences.

Aria cares about All of You:

→ Soul Shining

Connect with your Sovereignty as you explore the light of your own Soul

→ Embodiment

Own your Body as Sacred, a vessel for Divine Love to flow into the world

→ Heart Awakening

The portal between your divinity and humanity, the heart is your most powerful ally 

→ Mental Genius

Let your mind rest into doing what it does best – imagining new possibilities!


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