Aria Mae Healing Sessions


Private 45 minute healing sessions with Aria to support the awakening of curiosity in your heart, connect to guides, or resolve ancestral trauma. Allow your heart to be a portal to expansion into the mystery of your deepest soul intentions.

Sometimes you just need a little support.

Something is blocked, and you aren’t sure the pathway to release it.
Through the last decade of training in healing modalities,
I have created three options for some of the most common client needs.

I invite you to choose the one that feels aligned for you and schedule with me today:


Full-of-Wonder Heart Activation

This is for when you are feeling the blahs, downtrodden, and disconnected. Or, if you simply want to amplify the energetics of curiosity, joy, and awe in your life! Choose this healing session if you want to reawaken the childlike wonder of your heart and invite it to inspire creative flow. 

Lion Leadership Heart


For moments you need to reconnect with your power and sovereign truth. The animal medicine offered by Lion is a beautiful pathway to your deepest knowing. Choose this healing session if you need to feel massive support for the massive vision you are called to embody. 

Ancestral Heart Activation

Trauma from past generations can sometimes muck up our visions and path forward. The fear from ancestors needs to be witnessed, honored, and loved to clear our pathways. Choose this healing session if you have the sense family trauma is preventing you from forward movement.

What to Expect:

1. During your session, we begin with a grounding to settle any nerves or flurry of the day.

2. Then, Aria will ask you questions about your challenge and your intention, to get clarity on what you want.

3. After that, she will guide you on a customized visualization that will create energetic shifts in your physical and energy bodies. You may experience some emotion or feeling sensations in your body.

4. Coming into closing, Aria will help you to anchor what you have experienced. A hot salt bath, relaxation, or time in nature is recommended to support after these experiences.


Remember when the world is bright

Tomorrow comes, a flood of light

Forgiveness spreads for all the pain

Earth receives a gentle rain


“I had an amazing experience… I was WAY out of my comfort zone, but Aria made it easy to go All In. It was incredibly intense and healing and most of all, I appreciated how she touched on every detail that came up for me.”
Ahram Arya

Ahram Arya
Spiritual Surgeon & Guide

“Aria is a gifted listener with a broad array of wisdom and intuition to offer in response to what she hears. Her advice and treatments are empathetic rather than corrective and she seems to have the goal of truly making each person she encounters in her work more whole and complete than when they met. I was delightfully surprised at the depth of her approach and the magnitude of the impact it had on my professional and personal life.”

J Smith
Solutions Engineering

“I have become a better me, a more compassionate and patient me.  Aria helped me to understand both the world and myself in a better way, bringing me to that space where both magic and memory recovered a part of me once lost. I am forever grateful for that.”

Melissa Z

Private session rate: $333